“Like many Persian families in London, most of my childhood memories were made around the dinner table, where household dishes become life-long favourites – every Persian will tell you that their mum’s cooking is the best! With Berenjak I wanted to evoke those feelings, and reinterpret signature dishes using seasonal British produce. Spices, dips, pickles and handfuls of herbs are the flavours of my childhood. For me, it wouldn’t be a Persian dinner without sitting elbow-to-elbow with friends and family, sharing each dish until every scrap has gone”

– Kian Samyani, Founder


Berenjak is named after the handfuls of brightly coloured, toasted rice eaten as a snack at funfairs in Persia.

Wherever you visit Berenjak, you can expect to be immersed in Iran’s rich cultural history. Our first restaurant opened in 2018 in London’s Soho and is our reinterpretation of the hole-in thewall kabab houses that line the streets of Tehran.

Our two UAE restaurants can be found in Dubai and Sharjah, and like our second London restaurant (Berenjak Borough), take inspiration from the townhouses that lie in the rural foothills of the Alborz Mountains in Northern Iran.